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Here at MCR Marketing we believe small businesses offer a distinct and personal relationship between client and service that larger corporations cannot match. We believe small businesses should be able to market their services just as, if not better than, larger corporations, locally. MCR Marketing is equipped with the knowledge and resources to create an optimized website that ranks higher on Google. 42% of Google searches are locally based, and this less competitive market allows our clients to serve more customers in their community over larger chains.


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What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) allows your business to rank higher on google. This means anyone searching for your product near you will see your business before your competitors. SEO Marketing is so effective because it advertising to people already looking for your product. SEO may seem like a confusing industry, but understanding the basics is easy. Search Engine Land provides a comprehensive basic analogy for SEO. Type in pizza delivery into Google. Google will return local results even though you didn’t type in your town. Now when you go home, type in pizza delivery, and you will find different results. This example shows how Google’s algorithms favor local businesses above all else.   

SEO Facts

46% of searches are local
~80% of people ignore paid ads
The first search result gets 33% of traffic
The first 5 results get 75% of traffic

Why web design?

Web design goes hand in hand with SEO. A website that can rank highly on Google is no good if the customer finds a poorly designed and slow website on the other side. Today, websites allow a business to depict their own personal touch and display professionalism. Many local businesses understand the importance of a website, but their websites lack the sleek modern touch that wows customers. MCR Marketing’s goal is to help local businesses create professional websites that reflect their business’s personality. A website isn’t just a means to convey information about a business, it is the first impression that resonates with a potential customer.

MCR Marketing


MCR created our new restaurant website improving our user experience & graphic design. Primo Amore Bistro now has a site that reflects our brand & approach to food – clean, modern, light Italian. We are already seeing improvement in our site traffic & engagement. Working with MCR was collaborative & productive. We look forward to working together further on SEO services to improve our Google rank. MCR is a great solution for small businesses.

Linda & Michael Passaro, Owners

Primo Amore Bistro PrimoAmoreNJ.com

They helped me rank for online tutoring keywords in the local area just as tutoring season was coming around. My numbers were up over 60% compared to previous years. My business is web based and heavily relies on Google’s traffic. MCR Marketing helped my business reach all these customers. While I already had a website I was happy with, MCR Marketing helped me design and format my tutoring platform to create the best environment for my students.
– R. Charles, CEO

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